About Us

NPG uses precise measurement techniques to treat neurologic changes after concussion

Better assessment, better recovery, because athletes are more than their sport.

Neurologic Performance Group (NPG) is a mobile concussion program and clinic bringing concussion specialist treatment to amateur athletes.  Such treatment is made possible by combining new concussion diagnosis technologies, a network of mobile testing technicians, and a team of doctors who specialize in concussion care.

NPG helps concussed athletes get back on the field, as safely and as quickly as possible.


Born from Charity

NPG’s founders have a history of doing good in the world.  NPG is a for-profit business and does not rely on donations, but our mentality is to effect meaningful change and overcome societal and global challenges.  Learn more about our leadership team below:

Mark Hilinski
Hilinski’s Hope

Mark, and his wife Kym, co-founded Hilinski’s Hope in 2018.  H3H is a non-profit organization created to remember and honor their son Tyler, who passed by suicide January 16, 2018. Mark has worked with ESPN’s E:60 platform and Sports Illustrated to bring the Hilinski’s Hope story to the public. He led the team that brought #3Day and College Football Mental Health Awareness Week (CFMHAW) to life in October 2020, and was made a charity affiliate of the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four. Mark and Kym have jointly given over 100 “Tyler Talks” at campuses and athletic facilities across the country. They lead by example through sharing Tyler’s story openly and without fear, to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to inspire others to help.

Prior to Hilinski’s Hope, Mark was the co-founder and Executive VP, Sales and Business Development at The Retail Equation (TRE).  Starting the company in 1999, with two other seasoned entrepreneurs, Mark helped lead the company’s growth strategy for over 20 years.  TRE was acquired by Appriss by transaction in 2015.  Appriss Inc. was valued at over $1B at its latest round of financing in 2018.

Mark Slaughter
On-Belay Medical

Mark brings 15+ years experience in the medical industry and is the Founder/CEO of On-Belay Medical.  On-Belay is uniquely philanthropic; it converts profits earned from the supply of medical devices into charitable donations.  In 2016, Mark founded On-Belay Missions to develop and support a sustainable pediatric scoliosis program in Uganda. They have since provided 5 years of service and growth, including the development of new medical facilities, training of surgeons and other medical personnel, and sourcing of medical implant technologies at sustainable costs. Today, On-Belay companies work with surgeons around the world, support 60+ non-profits, and travel to Africa multiple times each year.

Like On-Belay, Neurologic Performance Group is a meaningful extension of Mark’s mantra: “make no small plans”.

Dr. Todd Abel
Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Abel is the Chief Medical Officer at NPG and is a neurosurgeon at

UT Medical Center in Knoxville, TN. UTMC is a Level I trauma center as well as a comprehensive stroke center.  Dr Abel cares for head injury patients with injuries ranging in severity from concussions from mTBI to severe CHI.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Abel was a US Air Force pilot instructing in T-38’s at Williams AFB. After medical school and residency, Dr. Abel was an active duty US Air Force neurosurgeon at Keesler AFB and deployed to Iraq in 2005. He separated from the Air Force with the rank of LtCol. He has a heart for taking care of veterans and has a special interest in treating patients with concussions and head injuries and advancing their care and outcomes.

Have a Question or Looking to Schedule a Scan?

NPG partners with concussion care providers to add our unique capabilities on top of their existing evaluation system.  Ask your team physician or coach how to get access to NPG services.