Recovery Test

After a concussion, complexity is the last thing an athlete should deal with. NPG cooperates with athletic trainers and physical therapists to make receiving gold-standard concussion care simple. The athlete comes to the athletic facility or office where they received a baseline scan within 48 hours of their injury. If they are injured while away from home, they can call the NPG office to find a closer scanning location.

During the recovery test, the athlete will perform the same tests they did during baseline. Comparing the injured and healthy test results will reveal the type and severity of the athlete’s neurologic injury, in the same way an x-ray reveals a broken bone. In turn, this empowers the NPG clinician to recommend a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual athlete, yet informed by a vast library of experience.

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NPG partners with concussion care providers to add our unique capabilities on top of their existing evaluation system.  Ask your team physician or coach how to get access to NPG services.